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MariMatic solutions have over 1500 references in more than 40 countries. Take a look at the list of our customers.

South Korea, one of the top ten countries at GDP and most probably so far the biggest market for pneumatic waste collection systems, will get its first MetroTaifun® system. MariMatic Group, together with Gumgwang Engineering & Construction, will deliver the waste collection system for Sejong Happy City, area 5-1.

Sejong Happy City, a self-governing administrative city, is a designated national Smart City project. It’s focusing on innovative industrial ecosystems in a beautiful natural environment.

MariMatic has secured new orders for MetroTaifun® systems in the city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, as the supplier of Automatic Waste Collection Systems (AWCS). The latest order is for a new part of the city called Masar Makkah, where it’s core components - walking boulevards - are equipped with waste bins and over 210 plots with hotels and hotel apartment buildings are connected to a pipe network. The client is Umm Al Qura Development and Construction Company (UAQ). In addition, a new order with the Saudi Binladin Group (SBG) has been received,  for the area of Mataf within the holy mosque.

MariMatic has, through a public tender process, been chosen by the city of Amsterdam as the supplier of an Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) for the new residential area in Sluisbuurt. Sluisbuurt is a new neighborhood in Amsterdam located on the Zeeburgereiland and it will comprise of 5500 new homes and include schools, shops and offices. This high-rise neighborhood is characterized by densities of approximately 375 homes per hectare, which have never been developed on this scale in Amsterdam. In addition to the OAT system (Dutch acronym for automatic waste collection system AWCS), the area will be equipped with other kind of sustainable technologies, such as district heating from renewable energy.

MariMatic has been ordered to deliver MetroTaifun® system to Förseglet area in Sweden. MetroTaifun® systems have already been delivered or ordered to several other places of the country before. Förseglet is a modern living area offering both a central as well as a water view to its residents. It’s one of the most attractive areas being developed in Sweden. The area of Förseglet alone consists of 100 hectares of land to be built on.

MariMatic AB® will deliver a MetroTaifun® Area and Commercial Collection solution for Stockholm’s Haga Norra, a new, vibrant district developed by Fabege AB. Fabege is one of the largest commercial property owner in Sweden. Zengun AB is the contracted builder for the area, and the technical advantages of MetroTaifun® compared to traditional AWCS suited Zengun and Haga Norra, which was one of the main reasons for Zengun to choose MariMatic as a supplier.

Etne care center is a new retirement home, which will be built by August 2018 in the southwestern part of Norway, Rogaland county. The care center will contain 40 living units for senior citizens of Etne. To streamline the collection and conveying of mixed waste and laundry, MariMatic® was chosen to supply the MetroTaifun® Automatic Waste Collection System.

MariMatic® Oy is building a waste collection system in the new Ranta-Tampella residential area in Tampere, Finland. The MetroTaifun® Automatic Waste Collection System is being built and introduced in accordance with the regional construction schedules. The construction work of the system was started in summer 2017. The Ranta-Tampella area is estimated to be completed by 2030.

MariMatic® Oy supplied both MetroTaifun® and Taifun® AWCS to the new Myyrmäki Care Home in the heart of Myyrmäki, built by VAV Asunnot Oy in Vantaa. The care home has 199 apartments with care for senior citizens. The facility was completed in summer 2019 and the residents are moving in.

Otium in Tromsø, Norway is a residential and welfare center, which includes residences and caring services for senior citizens. The center is a meeting point for the inhabitants of Tromsø and it is located next to the Arctic Cathedral – a landmark of Tromsø city. In the health care industry, it is important that the handling of waste and laundry can be done in an easy, safe, hygienic and environmentally friendly way.

Henrik Sørensensvei is a modern care home in Oslo, Norway, which was build to meet the requirements for a sustainable society. The home is build according to the standard of passive houses, which means that the building needs to produce as much energy as it consumes itself.

Tripla in Central Pasila, Helsinki, Finland is a gigantic construction project – a total of three blocks of offices, a shopping mall, apartments, hotels, cultural premises, a public transport terminal and car parking facilities.

MariMatic® implemented both MetroTaifun® for solid waste and Taifun® for food waste in the area. This novel solution will serve both the shopping mall, the office block and the surrounding residential areas.

MariMatic was chosen as a supplier of AWCS system for the new vibrant city centre of Odense in Denmark. Odense is building new apartments, a music hall and an H.C Andersen experience park to the renewed centre. Cars will be parked underground in the large parking garages. A new tramline will be deployed.

In the City of Zhuhai in China, a newly developing modern eco environment is being created. MariMatic® participates in this green-thinking development project and contributes its expertise in waste management. MetroTaifun® automatic waste collection system, AWCS has been designed to ensure effective waste collecting from the city's housing and office complexes utilizing a pipe network.

The company, Kruunuvuorenrannan jätteen putkikeräys Oy, owned by city of Helsinki, chose MariMatic Oy as the supplier of the Automatic Waste Collection System (AWCS) to be built in the new residential area of Kruunuvuorenranta. The system construction has begun, and investments will continue in connection with regional development during 2014 – 2025.

In the new residential area of Kivistö in the city of Vantaa, Finland, which is being built during 2014 – 2030, MariMatic is responsible for the waste system design, construction, management and maintenance. The area will serve the needs of 20,000 residents and 3000 workplaces.

MariMatic will deliver a turnkey project, including delivery and installation of the automatic solid waste collection system (AWCS) to the Valla city. The solution is equipped with new technology, with waste collecting inlets, which have scales that measure the weight of waste at the RFID key opening. The client is Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB.

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MariMatic AB, received a new order in Västerås in Sweden. MariMatic will supply and install an automatic solid waste collection system (AWCS) in a newly built area of homes for elderly persons in the neighbourhood of Zethelius. The client is Peab Bostad AB in the Mälardalen region.

In a few years, there will be around 120 homes with more than 150 residents living in the area. Installations were started during Q3/2013 and the project will be finished during the last quarter of 2014.

MariMatic delivered a MetroTaifun AWCS for Vällingby Parkstad AEVS, ordered by AEVS Niagara AB. The delivery includes designing and building, as well as the operation of the stationary solid waste collection system for three waste fractions, consisting of waste inlets, an underground piping network and waste terminal equipment. The system will serve 3,000 inhabitants and 1,400 apartments. In addition to the housing estate, it will serve commercial and shopping areas.

The installation will start during autumn 2013, and the whole system will be completed during 2017.

MariMatic is proud to deliver an Automatic Solid Waste Collection System (AWCS) as part of a bigger Tapiola shopping district renewal project in Finland.

Tapiola, once widely known as the Garden City of Espoo, opened Finland’s first shopping centre in 1968. Since then Tapiola has grown to be the un-official city centre of Espoo but lost its unique touch of nature and green values during the days of rapid growth of the district. Recent decision to extend the metroline from Helsinki to Espoo has boosted the renewal of Tapiola shopping district and the planning has been conducted keeping the original green values and nature in mind.

MariMatic delivered a Taifun Vacuum Conveying system to Almarai in Hail, Saudi-Arabia, the biggest new poultry processing plant built in the world.

In 2013, MariMatic delivered a Taifun® vacuum conveying system for the biggest new poultry processing plant built in the world. The system efficiently and hygienically collects and divides both inedible and edible materials.

Brodskiy Club House is a new residential complex in the district Hamovniki: a peaceful, green surroundings by the Moskva River in the centre of Moscow. This building with state-of -the-art architecture consists of 65 apartments, and e.g. has its own landscape park.

The MetroTaifun system consist of 3 vertical waste chutes collecting mixed waste. Conveniently, residents have wall hatches for waste bags waste at their own floor level.

Retrofit and extension of waste collection systems in Malmi hospital, Helsinki during 2012 - 2013

A new suburban development being built near the city of Tampere will be home to 13,000 inhabitants, creating approximately 5,000 jobs in the process.

MariMatic® delivered a comprehensive automatic waste collection solution to the VTB Arena Park in Moscow, Russia for collecting solid and food waste. VTB Arena Park project will unite a small and a large sports arena, the Dynamo Sports Society Museum as well as an entertainment and leisure complex and an underground parking under the same roof.

The world’s largest automatic waste collection system is being built by MariMatic in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where during Ramadan and Hajj, 600 tons of waste are generated daily by 2 million people. Using the MetroTaifun® System, waste is collected from 359 waste inlet points, then transferred via a 37-kilometre pipe network to a Central Utility Complex. The project started in 2011 and the system will be built according to the regional development schedule of the area.

In 2020, MariMatic has signed a new agreement with Saudi Bin Ladin Group (SBG) to expand the mosque system to an area called Mataf.

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