MariMatic AB® will deliver a MetroTaifun® Area and Commercial Collection solution for Stockholm’s Haga Norra, a new, vibrant district developed by Fabege AB. Fabege is one of the largest commercial property owner in Sweden. Zengun AB is the contracted builder for the area, and the technical advantages of MetroTaifun® compared to traditional AWCS suited Zengun and Haga Norra, which was one of the main reasons for Zengun to choose MariMatic as a supplier.

Haga Norra will be built in an excellent location just 7 minutes from the center of the city and a short walk from Fabege’s Arenastaden development. Haga Norra will be the home to estimated 2.000 people and offer workplaces to 5.000 more.

The combination of residential and commercial spaces will make Haga Norra an area that is full of life 24/7. Accessible services and effective support functions, as well as socially and environmentally sustainable solutions, have been front and center in the planning of Haga Norra. MetroTaifun® solution serves 1.000 apartments and 60.000 sqm office property, in an area of total 8 blocks. It brings waste collection points close to both residents and office personnel. MariMatic’s unique MT-Formator technology allow large waste bags to be used; after the waste bags are formulated smaller, they can be easily conveyed through a DN300-pipe network to the waste transfer station, where waste ends up tightly compacted by Compactors to the large Containers. In phase 1, a temporary Waste Transfer Station will be used, before building the final Waste Transfer Station in phase 2 planned to 2024.

MetroTaifun® capabilities:

Residents: 2.000 residents
Jobs: 5.000
Solid waste fractions: 2 (mixed waste, bio waste)
Solid waste: 7,5 m3 ton/week mixed waste, 3,8 ton/week bio waste
Residential collection inlets: 18
Commercial collection inlets: 4 (with Formators)
Pipeline legth: 800m
Build-up: 2019~2024

haga norra underground waste management
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