Formator - MariMatic's unique, patented technology combines large waste bags and small pipe

Problems with traditional automatic waste collection systems and large waste bags

- Large bags require either manual collection (outside the system)
- Or large pipe size (DN 500mm) to get the large bags conveyed.

Both are very bad alternatives due to energy consumption, installation time, costs and manual labour.

Only MetroTaifun enables both - small pipe and large waste bags
- No additional solutions for handling large waste bags, all included in the system.
- All the small DN300 mm pipe size advantages: energy efficiency, faster installation time, lower costs.

Formator commercial inlets brochure image for web 01

MT-Formator is a standard feature of the MetroTaifun Commercial Inlets.

150-250 liters waste bag - not a problem for MT-Formator

The MT-Formator principle and the real thing: the formator transforms the large bags to fit into the small, DN300 mm pipe.


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