MariMatic has been ordered to deliver MetroTaifun® system to Förseglet area in Sweden. MetroTaifun® systems have already been delivered or ordered to several other places of the country before. Förseglet is a modern living area offering both a central as well as a water view to its residents. It’s one of the most attractive areas being developed in Sweden. The area of Förseglet alone consists of 100 hectares of land to be built on.

Förseglet residental area in Västerås has been procured by construction company Mimer. The new area in Öster Mälarstrand is one of Mimer’s biggest project of all time. The Automatic Waste Collection System will use smaller diameter pipes, often 300 mm in size. The reduced pipe size results in saved space requirements, smaller air flows and consequently reduced energy consumption. At the same time, problems with pipe blocks are minimized as the size of the rubbish is larger in relation to the pipe dimension, which leads to increased negative pressure force for transport.

MetroTaifun® capabilities:

Residents: 1.500 apartments, kindergarten and elderly care home
Solid waste fractions: 4. Mixed waste, organic, paper, plastic
Solid waste: Mixed waste 1,5 ton/day, organic 0,8 ton/day, paper 0,3 ton/day, plastic 0,2 ton/day
Inlets: ~56
Pipeline length: 1 km
Waste collection stations: 12 residential, 2 commercial
Pipe size: DN300
Waste transfer stations: 1
Build-up: May 2020 – May 2021

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