In the City of Zhuhai in China, a newly developing modern eco environment is being created. MariMatic® participates in this green-thinking development project and contributes its expertise in waste management. MetroTaifun® automatic waste collection system, AWCS has been designed to ensure effective waste collecting from the city's housing and office complexes utilizing a pipe network.

MetroTaifun solution encourages sorting as well as improves the quality of life for residents, customers and employees 

MetroTaifun® AWCS collects household waste from 18 high-rise buildings, 1 office tower and a pedestrian street with restaurants and shops. The solution comfortably serves the needs of 7,000 residents and additional restaurants and shops with 6 recycling stations. MetroTaifun solution ensures sorting for paper, cardboard and plastic. The volume of daily waste is huge, around 12 tons. The vacuum conveying pipeline network converges at the centralized waste transfer terminal.

Underground waste conveying makes the area’s surroundings more serene without unpleasant lingering odours and scavenging pests, or other disadvantages of overfilled waste bins or the toxic emissions of waste truck traffic. Buildings are more streamline because there is no need to build extra waste collection rooms. MetroTaifun automatic waste collection system is a great improvement to keep the city clean and safe.

MetroTaifun capabilities

Residents 7,000
Workplaces 3,000
Waste fractions 4
Waste 12 tons/day
Waste collection stations 8
Chute inlets 542
Gravity chutes for household waste with RFID readers 18
Outdoor inlets for recyclable waste 8
Waste transfer terminal 1
Pipeline length 1.9 km
Build up 2015 onward
Phase 1 into use 2017

Watch a video Beautiful Beijing – Automatic Solid Waste Collection to learn more about the solution.

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