Henrik Sørensensvei is a modern care home in Oslo, Norway, which was build to meet the requirements for a sustainable society. The home is build according to the standard of passive houses, which means that the building needs to produce as much energy as it consumes itself.

MetroTaifun is an excellent solution for meeting the requirements for sustainability with reduced emissions due to minimal truck movement - not to mention the comfortable and safe surroundings with increased quality of life.
MetroTaifun AWCS is a hygienic and efficient solution for waste and laundry handling in a healthcare environment. Staff can concentrate on nursing in a clean environment.

MetroTaifun capabilities

Waste inlets          7 
Laundry inlets       7
Chutes                 4
Pipeline length      300 m 
Project time          1/2014 – 2017

More information about the project:


Henrik Sørensensvei care home and wall hatches for waste and laundry.

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